Privacy policy

Privacy policy

1. The information you provide to us
Your privacy very important for us. We take it seriously and when you provide us with any personal information, we endeavour to keep it safe. Our services never shares your privacy info with any 3rd parties and takes all reasonable precautions to protect it. In fact, the only personal info we are taking from you is your nick name for show activities. Nothing more.

2. Registration
During registration, you may be required to provide password of your device id to access your product.

3. Camera
In order to work correctly and to provide you with cool features our app requires a permissions from your smartphone, like camera access. Camera required for QR code scanning, this is the only goal of camera. We never used it and will never use it for other purposes.

4. Call log
The app identifies the caller's phone number in order to show additional information on the screen during incoming call. The app doesn't store or share call information.

5. Draw over other apps
The app can draw a resizable overlay window during incoming calls in order to show video from an IP camera when the app identifies a call from a GSM intercom device.
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